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Nature is our greatest wealth, hence care to maintain ecological equilibrium is the most important task for each of us and for the society as a whole. Everyone should have an informed approach to environmental protection. It is the liability of our civilization to pass the "planet" to future generations in an unimpaired condition. As early as in ancient Rome, the "Ususfructus" principle, legally executed by courts, allowed a man to use somebody else's property, provided he maintained it and returned in an unimpaired condition. For decades, the natural environment in Poland, and not only there, has been and still is degraded, with the consequences being noticeable until now. Poor quality of water is the major (up to 90%) cause of all our health ailments – hence the development of new water treatment technologies is so important for ensuring sustainable development of our civilization.  

Tadeusz Krężelewski

President of the European Environmental Centre KREVOX Sp. z o.o.

Tadeusz Krężelewski, a lawyer by education, has been the head of KREVOX since 1990, when the company was established, with Poland entering the era of huge socio-economic transformations. During the two decades of operation the company implemented over 300 water treatment plants for towns, industry and hospitals. These projects were implemented in Poland, Russia and the Ukraine. It is an impressive achievement at European scale.

Mr Krężelewski has extensive experience in the water sector, not only because of his long-term, successful management of the company, which grew to be a leader with over 300 references. Upon his return from the USA, where he obtained the exclusive right to distribute the Culligan Water technology, he commenced business activities in Poland.

Tadeusz Krężelewski is also the President of Caux Round Table Polska – an association of people who promote ethics in business, people who believe that the world business community should play an important role in the improvement of economic and social living conditions; he is also a partner to Virgin Green Funds, based in San Francisco and London.

Tadeusz Krężelewski and his company were granted numerous awards, for instance the Green Laurel 2009 in the 5th edition of the contest organised by the Polish Chamber of Economy "Ekorozwój" – for the implementation of advanced water treatment technologies at home and abroad; for three consecutive years they won the award for "Modernisation of the Year" or the "Golden Heron" award from the Chairman of the National Council of Economy in 2010 and the Gold Medal in Cannes, which was awarded in 2007 for achievements in environmental protection and implementation of advanced technologies. 



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