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About Us

Krevox was established in 1990, when the era of huge transformations commenced in Poland. It was suddenly obvious to an individual citizen, as well as to the representatives of local governments and the central administration that clean water is a guaranty of quick progress of the civilisation, the society and the economy. Poland's access to the EU forced harmonization of standards relating to treated water parameters and simultaneously provided an opportunity of using funds for modernization and construction of new infrastructure in the field of water and wastewater treatment plants across the whole country. We were lucky to be at the right time in the right place. We have always proposed the best world technologies, tailored to the local needs and expectations, which has been acknowledged by our partners.

The implementation of over 260 water treatment plants for towns, industry, hospitals, etc., during 20 years is an incredible achievement in European scale, providing us with extensive practical experience.

Unprecedented reference list and numerous national and foreign awards make Krevox the unquestionable leader in providing water treatment technology in Europe and the guaranty of the highest quality.


Tadeusz Krężelewski


Tadeusz Krężelewski is also the President of Caux Round Table Polska – an association of people who promote ethics in business, people who believe that the world business community should play an important role in the improvement of economic and social living conditions
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