KREVOX European Environmental Centre
00-680 Warsaw, Żurawia 45n str.
tel. +48 22 756 52 20,
fax. +48 22 756 50 33

Service and Maintenance

The Krevox Customer Service Center has been created as an answer to the continuously growing number of Krevox customers. It shall be responsible for the installation and assembly of all Krevox investments, perform inspections, maintenance and repair work of Customer-operated devices as part of the warranty and post-warranty service, as well as manage the Krevox Central Warehouse.

The Service also provides training and consultation for the Customer-appointed employee groups. It allows the Customer to operate the Krevox-installed equipment more efficiently and effectively.

The Customer Service Center operates 24/7. In crisis situations, the Customer can notify the Center via phone or email. After reviewing the request, the Coordinator makes the decision regarding further action - immediately sending a Service Group to the Customer, sending a Local Coordinator or commencing a remote breakdown results rectification procedure.

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