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Cascade Aerator


Water inducted to the aerator falls in a cascade manner onto a cumulative tray , and then into the receiver. During the flow, the water is being aerated, because the tower's construction makes it break into tiny particles that meet with the surrounding air. The oxygen from the air oxidizes the dissolved iron compounds, turning them into indissoluble compounds.


For a proper and fault-free operation of the device, it is necessary to create a maintenance schedule and perform it in regular intervals. Maintenance comes down to periodic cleaning of the aerator's components from deposits buildup.

  • Built over a water tank outside of the building.
  • Internal building with room air exchange of approx. 50% in relation to the amount of water oxidized.
  • 3-section design.
  • Material: aluminum or acid resistant steel.
  • No. of bowls: 3.
  • Efficiency: up to 1135 m3/h

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