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Aquabar – office solution

AQUABAR is a clean water producing device, served in room temperature or chilled, in sparkling or non-sparkling form, ready to drink.

AQUABAR is perfect for restaurants, bars, hotels; guarantees satisfaction and esthetics in offices, hospitals, kindergardens and is a great alternative for bottled water.

AQUABAR consists of a water chilling module with saturater, connected to the Everpure filter element, which cleans the water by removing any micro impurities and organic matter, as well as flavors, smells and chlorine. The element also filters solids, opacities, cysts and asbestos. Everpure filter elements are used in most of the mixing and pre-cleaning systems used by the leading cola manufacturers and in non-alcohol drink dispensers in bars. AQUABAR consists of a stainless steel body, housing a chiller and a tank with stainless steel coil pipes. Taps are installed on one side of the housing. AQUABAR can be placed on a bar or be installed as a built up version.

The free-standing version of AQUABAR should be placed on any flat surface, like the bar, canteen or restaurant counter.
The built up version of AQUABAR is placed under the bar or the counter or in a specially designated room away from the bar. The water is then served from a special column installed at the user's bar counter, connected via a separate hose system.

AQUABAR is supplied with all the equipment necessary for installation and operation, such as a pressure regulator, CO2 and water hoses, pressure regulator with CO2 manometer and additional connectors and a power cable with a plug.

The Everpure water cleaning system integrated with AQUABAR consists of a filter and single, exchangeable filtering element.


  • Maximum flow rate 100 l/h (intermittent flow) or 50 l/h (continuous flow)
  • Chilled water temperature 5-6°C with intermittent flow (average flow rate)
  • Maximum Everpure filtering element efficiency Recommended 5 670 liters per element, depending on the quality of water
  • Dimensions (width x depth x height) 337 x 655 x 578 mm (free-standing version) – 337 x 437 x 578 mm (built up version)
  • Weight 41 kg (free-standing version) – 40 kg (built up version)
  • Power 230 V AC-50 Hz
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