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Culligan Reverse Osmosis



SDS is a water treating system, designed according to the best standards- for single hemodialysis station with an efficiency of 80 l/h, for home dialyses, emergencies (ambulance service, ER, "severe" hemodialyses), patients after transplants and lingering hemodialyses. Light, compact design, closed in an elegant housing on wheels allows for efficient moving and simple switching on. The device is equipped with a pre-filtration system and a reverse osmosis system.

The main advantages of the SDS system are:

  • very easy to use and operate (thanks to an electronic touch panel, controlling all the functions),
  • automatic disinfection and decontamination system,
  • final and pre-washing system,
  • audiovisual alarm,
  • continuous treated water quality control system with a digital conductivity meter,
  • main water cycle components made from stainless steel (acid-proof).



The MFP device is a result of many years of experience in the water treating for hemodialysis area. Incredibly easy to use, durable and connectivity versatileness allows the device to be connected in untypical places as well.

All the electrical components of the MFP are closed in a hermetic housing and the structural elements, that have constant contact with water, are made of corrosion-resistant materials. A very quiet three-phase engine complies with all the safety requirements (IP 54).

The MFP system is adapted for easy connection of an aux disinfection device.



The R.O.2 series has been developed as an answer to the specific needs of the hemodialysis sector.

Each device consists of two separate reverse osmosis sections (usually working in series), supplying ultra clean water. In case of emergencies, each section can work individually as an independent unit.

Serial work ensures production of the highest quality water - each water particle passes through two osmotic modules. The first step is the reduction of salt to the 90-99% level, then additional salt compounds get reduced (also to the 90-99% level).

Microbiological cleanness of such water is very high (usually less than 5 C.F.U., but very often without any microbiological contaminants). In practice, the water quality level is very similar to the one required in the pharmaceutical sector (injection water).

Optionally, there's the possibility of R.O.2 working parallel - each of two sections can operate independently. It increases the functionallity of the device during breakdown, maintenance or disinfection, which can take place at one of the osmosis sectons without interrupting water supply from the other one.

The R.O.2 system is adapted for easy connection of an aux disinfection device.

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