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Intake screens

The highly efficient Intake Screens allow finding the best solution for individual conditions, taking the tank depth, water quality, seasonal temperature amplitudes and requirements regarding water organisms into consideration. 

The highly efficient Intake Screens are used and work with great result on more than 1300 installations worldwide.

The highly efficient Intake Screen is currently the best solution for surface waters intakes available . By controlling the water flow rate through the screen, the danger to the biological life in the intake area is minimal.

For water-lines, for the paper industry, petrochemistry, power plants etc. the Intake Screen is a solid, failure-free water collecting device, which allows to reduce the operational costs.

The key to the high intake efficiency is its internal construction, allowing a constant, even, slow flow rate through the entire surface of the screen. Thanks to an original filtration aperture construction in the shape of a reversed letter "V", every particle, coming into contact with the surface, is only resting in two points. During reciprocal flushing, apertures function as nozzles, which enables their flushing and restores patency. This eliminates the points of local, fast and, at the same time, uneven flow in the highly-efficient intakes in case of clogging part of the screen's surface by passing materials. The even operation of the intake increases the hydraulic efficiency of the entire intake, as well as pump effectiveness by eliminating hydraulic resistances when sucking up water.

The optimal water flow rate of 0.15 m/s through the apertures enables the living organisms in the vicinity of the intake to escape naturally, preventing them from being sucked up into the screen.

All high-efficiency Intake Screens are made according to the same principal and, regardless of their size of efficiency, have the same amount of advantages:

  • savings achieved thanks to a simple screen construction
  • clogging-free screen, which construction guarantees only two particle-screen touching points and during flushing works like a nozzle
  • no moving parts
  • minimal operational costs
  • easy installation
  • environmentally-friendly device - the high-efficiency Intake Screen protects the organisms living in the water. Its operation is subordinate to water intake organism protection directives


A precisely matched screen aperture size always complies with two requirements: maximum aperture surface and protecting organisms of any size. The aperture is regulated and can have from 1 to 12 mm. Standard aperture has a size of 3 mm.

The choice of material allows the best screen customization for the working conditions. 304 acid-proof steel is recommended for most freshwater intakes. 316 L acid-proof steel is recommended for salty and strongly saline waters. In special cases, the screens are made of Cu-Ni alloy.

The high durability of the screens is guaranteed by their uniform welded construction.

In conditions, where there is a large concentration of living organisms and organic particles in the intake area, frequent screen flushing is required. Hydroburst system has been specially designed for this purpose. The system supplies the proper amount of pressurized air to the screen, which cleans it and removes any adhesive particles completely.

Hydrobust system consists of four basic assemblies:

  1. Compressor
  2. Air tank
  3. Valves
  4. Control cabinet


Three control configurations available:

  1. Manual controls
  2. Automatic time-dependent controls
  3. Automatic screen pressure loss-dependent controls according to the set value.


Both of the above controls can be switched into manual mode. The compressor, its efficiency, parameters and size are custom fitted for each intake. The idea is to achieve the best washing results under given conditions.


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