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Open filters - Krevox System

Open filters currently in operation require various exploitation measures and maintaining stiff washing regimes in order to extend their operational period.

The classic filter drainage layout with drainage plates has been used for many years and the users are familiar with this solution's drawbacks. The changes in the nozzle construction, cavity and hole sizes, water and air distribution system for washing greatly improve the filter efficiency, but do not eliminate many difficulties and flaws.

KREVOX SYSTEM is a response to these problems, ideal for modernizing old and building new open filters. The system consists of a special TRITON drainage system, CULLIGAN multimedia backfill and a CLA-VAL regulation system.

With the old filter's construction limits, its construction can be strengthened, its bottom sealed, filtration layer height extended and water amount for cleaning reduced. When designing new filters the use of the KREVOX SYSTEM reduces the height of the chambers – the building part by as much as 30% and limits hydraulic losses, resulting in achieving energy economy.

The innovation of the utilized technique, making use of the conic cavity between the wires eliminates many difficulties and flaws of the classic solution. Additionally, new multimedia bed configurations can be used, significantly increasing the efficiency of the filtration process and the treated water quality.

KREVOX SYSTEM is the new quality.


Triton drainage section pictures

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