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Pressure filters

Closed filtration is one of the most commonly used water treating solutions in ground water treating plants (e.g. Gdynia, Radom, Włocławek). Krevox Group offers a full range of Culligan filters, which utilize the newest - very often developed by Polish engineers - technologies.

Pressure filters offered by Krevox are divided into four groups , depending on the anticipated scope of cleaning (Cleer, Cullar, Cullneu and Superiron Premium), in configurations created for their effectiveness and target use (e.g. HiFlo, Twin and Koniczynka). They are successfully used mainly as filtration devices for water-lines. However, they will also prove useful everywhere, where truly clean water is needed on a large scale.

Pressure filters offered by Krevox comply with all the mechanical and chemic-physical filtration requirements achieved when using filtration beds. Thanks to that, the treated water parameters comply not only with the most current Polish norms, but also the very rigorous European Union norms. All equipment has the necessary certificates and permits.


Filter versions:

Cleer - for removing any type of turbidity and iron from the water

Cullar - for removing any type of unwanted color, smell or taste from the water

Cullneu - for neutralizing water acidity

Superiron Premium - for removing iron and manganese - for complying with the newest norms



Using Krevox closed filters gives the user two main advantages: water, which is always treated to the highest level possible (according to the most current Polish and EU norms) and a guarantee of failure-free and almost fully automatic operation. At a special request, specialists from the Krevox Technology Center develop and implement the newest control and monitoring systems for water treating - like in Radom, where the "25 czerwca" SUW is operated via a mobile phone (or the Internet) by one person.

The diversified range of closed filters offered by Krevox allows for a precise selection of equipment for the desired effect. The filters have been put in two parallel groups: from the point of view of operation (removing given types of contaminants) and from the point of view of effectiveness of the planned water treatment plant.

Regardless off the Customer's choice, the engineers from Krevox every time match the multimedia filtrating backfill composition and the filter size - individually, for the given existing situation. This guarantees the fastest satisfactory result and a further, failure-free and fully effective operation.


Technical Description

Their high efficiency and unique character is results from a lot of elements - materials they are made from, types and proportions used of the filtrating multimedia backfills, flushing parameters and a whole string of other factors.

Pressure filters of all types are controlled automatically by hydraulic control diaphragm vales, which open and close individually in order to direct the water flow during the operation and flushing phases. The timer mechanism initiates the "pilot" valve, which opens or closes the diaphragm valves. When the water (or air) introduced through the pilot valve presses on the diaphragm valve, it closes. In case of a lack of pressure, the valve is opened.

During the "operation" phase, the non-treated water flows through the filtrating minerals from top to bottom, and the contaminants contained inside it are retained. During the reverse flushing, the water flows from the bottom to the top through the filtrating minerals to remove any excess contaminants. During the flushing consistent with the flow direction or conditioning flushing, the water flows through the filtrating minerals, removes any excess contaminants and prepares the filter bed for operation. The speed of both the reverse and normal flushing is controlled by automatic flow regulators. Reverse flushing is triggered automatically by an electronic programming device, any time of day or night, any day of the week. It can also be triggered manually, in such case the filter will automatically restart at the end of the reverse flushing phase.

In all models to 48", a PCV Noryl set of hoses is present. starting with the 60" model, the hoses are made from cast iron with epoxy covering.


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